A Message Regarding Recalls


While the recent rash of toy recalls has brought much attention to this ongoing concern, WeeRuns always has made recalls a top priority, not only for toys, but also for equipment.  We believe the new focus on recalls is very important.  But we wanted to take this opportunity to assure our shoppers that we have been paying attention for 22 years.  We direct our recall efforts on many levels.  We have recall-related links within our website to assist our consignors in checking before they bring their items in for consignment.  Once items are brought in to WeeRuns, we have volumes of information at our fingertips and trained volunteers who check and double-check items which have been submitted for consignment.  If a recalled item were accepted during the drop-off phase in error, this item should be identified during our Inspection Day process.  At that time, any items identified as having a recall issue will be pulled from the floor immediately, before the sale begins, and placed into a separate holding area until they can be returned to their consignors at the sale’s conclusion, if not before.

Effective June 2011, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandated new federal safety standards for cribs.  As a result, WeeRuns no longer is able to accept drop-sided cribs for consignment.

(Updated May 15, 2011)


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