Big bargains

For little guys and gals


The Story

WeeRuns offers gently used

children’s items

at a reduced price


Allison Flynn


Any mom will tell you:  Kids grow fast.  Really fast.


Children’s rapid physical and mental development was the catalyst for WeeRuns, which began in 1994 by Deane Belk.


The semi-annual sale, which began in High Point, is now held in Rutherford County.


The Rutherford County WeeRuns sale is organized by Amy Revis.  The sale is held twice each year – once in the spring and again in the fall.


The first WeeRuns sale in Rutherford County only had 20 consignors.  The sale now features the items od 315 sellers.


Items included in the sale are newborn through size 16 children’s clothes, toys, furniture and equipment.  Sellers bring items on consignment; sellers make a 60 percent profit and WeeRuns receives 40 percent.  The sale is held over the course of two weeks.


“The idea behind the sale is to try and do everything quickly to make it cost effective for both sellers and buyers,” Mrs. Revis said.


“A lot of things still have the tags on them,” Mrs. Revis said.  “Children’s clothes are so short-lived.”


The items are divided by department.  While there are a lot of clothes sold, Mrs. Revis said that per department “it just goes and goes and goes.”


“Toys and furniture sell extremely well,” Mrs. Revis said.  “You can come on any given sell (sic) day and think we have a lot, but the earlier you come the better the selection.”


Pricing is set by the seller, although WeeRuns does suggest setting the price at 1/2 to 1/3 the original retail price.


“If we did the pricing everything would be alike,” Mrs. Revis said.  “When you’re shopping you can find all kinds of hidden treasures.”


“It’s always fun when someone tells you about the ones they’ve found,” she said.  “Or when you hear ‘You just don’t know what this means to my family.’”


The sale is located next door to the Salvation Army Thrift store at 524 Withrow Road in Forest City.  The partnership with the Salvation Army has been beneficial for both organizations, Mrs. Revis said.


“Janet Hill, the local Salvation Army director, had been looking for a building for the Christmas Cheer Center,” Mrs. Revis said.  “We’d compare notes on buildings we’d seen.  She dreamed of a building big enough for the Cheer Center and the Thrift Store.


 “When this building came available it worked out well – we can use part for WeeRuns and then it can be used for the Cheer Center,” she said.


“We also encourage our customers to check out the Thrift Store and they encourage their to come to WeeRuns.”


Consignment items and volunteers are still needed for the sale, Mrs. Revis said.


“I get excited when someone calls and says they want to sell, but I get ecstatic when they call and say they want to help,” she said.


For more information on WeeRuns, call Amy Revis at (828) 288-4100.


Reprinted from September 16, 2006 edition of the Shelby Star, page 7A.