Concierge Consignment

WeeRuns understands many families have fabulous items they want to consign, but many moms and dads are simply too busy and donít have the time to prepare them.  They want and need to clear out the clutter and really could use the extra income . . . but HOW to make that happen???

Look no further . . . WeeRuns can come to the rescue!!!


With our concierge tagging service, a member of our team of trained tagging professionals will meet you, prepare, tag, price, store and then deliver your items to WeeRuns.  All you need to do is collect and clean your childrenís items and let us know when youíre ready to meet us to get them out of your way!


Never consigned before?  Always wanted to, but too busy?  Give our hassle-free consigning a try and leave it to our professionals!


*First come, first served

*Limited availability November through January

*Additional fee applies to cover taggerís time and other services offered


Sounds like this is for you?  E-mail with "Concierge Consignment" in the subject line to receive our Tagging Service Agreement and additional instructions.